Topic: Music and Poetry

Religion and the Poetic Imagination

Religion and spirituality include mystery, that which transcends understanding; otherwise, we would simply call it philosophy. So how do we relate to what is so important, so rooted in our souls, yet cannot be fully described? Poetic metaphor and imagery are powerful tools that can help us relate to and be inspired by that which we cannot fully understand, in some ways similar to modeling in science.
Join us for a service investigating and celebrating the poetic imagination.

UU Celebration in Song

On May 5, 1819, Rev. William Ellery Channing gave his “Unitarian Christianity” sermon that became pivotal in the creation of the American Unitarian Association. This morning the Chalice Choir will commemorate this in song.

Brain as a Dinglehopper

Ayanna recently got diagnosed with ADHD. In this service, she will mark this amazing moment as well as talk about the difference it makes in her life and how she had all of the skills/tools needed to use her ADHD brain but was working with the wrong operating manual, so to speak.

Sunday, June 12 – Poetry Service

Members will share their original poems. This service has been treasured by our congregation in the past, so come and be a part of the transformation this year.