Topic: Mental health

Our Struggle With Mental Illness

Do we characterize mental ailments the same way we characterize physical ailments? Why or why not? How is mental health defined, arbitrated? Who gets to decide?

Intersex Awareness Day – October 26

I’m Trying

As we start anew – a new church year, or perhaps a new school year – there will be initiatives and programs, successes and failures. Can we choose the lens through which we look at these things? What might be the healthiest lens?

Living our UU Principles

Two speakers share their stories of living their beliefs by engaging in very different tasks beyond Sunday worship. One, being on the Board of Historic Preservation and the other, becoming a foster parent.

The outcomes are different yet the same: seeing how the interconnectedness of life manifests itself all around us. Regardless of our purpose in life, UUs follow the foundations of Covenant, Diversity in Plurality and of Transforming the World. Join us.

Welcoming Day of Observance: Pulse Night of Remembrance

What are we to do?

In just a few short months, our world has forever changed. We have become intimately aware that the causes of despair, anxiety, and suffering are often beyond our control. What are we to do? What can we do when faced with such circumstances?

Reconnection Through Simplicity

Are our lives so full that we leave no time for personal reflection and soul work? Do we consciously or unconsciously fill our lives with “stuff” to avoid connections with one another? Can we return to a spirit of simplicity in our daily lives? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir.

The Ultimate Living and Dying Test

One absolute certainty is our own death – at least the death of our physical bodies in this earthly realm. How do we prepare for this? Is there preparation that can be done? How might this preparation cause us to live our lives – our … read more.

Recovery and Transformation

Addiction, in its various forms, has become an epidemic. Its tragedies are commonplace in all our communities. Outcomes vary from death to rebirth. Those that heed the wake-up call and endure the pain may find the strength for recovery.
Please join us for a story of … read more.

March 18th – Erasing The Stigma

A youth-led service that focuses on mental health in younger generations.

Wondering Time, Karen and Stephen Seaver. Audio file (link to mp3, or use media player below)

Homily #1, Dharma Hufnagel. Audio file (link to mp3, or use media player below)

Homily #2, Maude … read more.