Speaker: Jennifer Ratcliffe


The second in a two-part series related to the duality of Dark and Light. The first service, closest to the Winter Solstice while in a pandemic, focused on poetry related to night, night language and going deeper.

This service, closest to the Summer Solstice, focuses on words about light, change and transformation. Where will these words lead us as we re-emerge from this isolation?

Welcoming Day of Observance: Marriage Equality Day

Living our UU Principles

Two speakers share their stories of living their beliefs by engaging in very different tasks beyond Sunday worship. One, being on the Board of Historic Preservation and the other, becoming a foster parent.

The outcomes are different yet the same: seeing how the interconnectedness of life manifests itself all around us. Regardless of our purpose in life, UUs follow the foundations of Covenant, Diversity in Plurality and of Transforming the World. Join us.

Welcoming Day of Observance: Pulse Night of Remembrance

Feel Like a Woman Yet?

Becoming a woman today is not defined solely by puberty, birthing, physical appearance, or a traditional gender role. Poetry and a personal story of growth highlight how life changes affect any female person, cisgender, or non-binary. Our focus today is to foster a culture of acceptance for all genders.

The Longest Night

Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year. We usually associate light with this celebration. But can we go deeper?

We could stare longer and discover that darkness has its own gifts.

(No Sunday Morning Religious Exploration classes for Children & Youth, these resume next Sunday, January 10.)

Blessing of the Animals

Please join us in our annual Blessing of the Animals service.

Please bring your furried, feathered, crawling (and hopefully controlled) friends with you for an experience that is always wild and fanciful.

This will be an online Zoom meeting.

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UU The Vote

This election is one of the most important in modern times. A lot is at stake and UUs are compelled to be active participants in this democratic process. How can we be involved given our physical restrictions?

Join Nicole Pressley—national organizer of the campaign UU the Vote— and leave with concise and specific actions we can each take from the comfort of our couches.

The Fog of Democracy

Over and over, we hear the commentary: “These are no normal times,” but what are we to do about our political situation? What is our role? Is democracy salvageable?

Music: Alex Pietsch and the Chalice Choir

Coat of Many Colors

This lay-led service will take its thematic inspiration from Dolly Parton’s song and the Bible’s story of Joseph’s garments about family dynamics and the universal struggle of maintaining pride and dignity amidst poverty.

This is also a 50-50 Sunday, when, as we do once each month, … read more.