Sunday, January 10 – Beneath the Quilt

Many years ago Celestine Sibley, the beloved columnist, wrote of a Kentucky woman’s homespun musings about the theological message inherent in patchwork quilting. There is truth in those musings, but there is a deeper truth beneath the colorful surface of the quilt that offers a rich lesson for how we live into the mission of our beloved religious community.”

The sermon will provide a rationale for the rekindling of a Small Group Ministry/Covenant Group program, holding up the idea that beneath our surface differences we are more alike than we think, that we share common human traits that can become apparent when we let down our guard in a place of trust, like Small Group Ministries/Covenant Groups.

Worship Leader: Dave Hudson
Worship Associate: Darya Aberback

Sermon Transcript – Beneath the Quilt – Dave Hudson

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