A Return to Oneness

The message will be about acknowledging the oneness of spirit we were all created in, healing the harm done by seeing ourselves separate from one another, and returning to the oneness of our common humanity.

Our speaker is Spencer A. Murray, who is an Educator, Minister and Conflict Transformation practitioner who is committed to transforming lives and the systems in which they live.

He has received advanced degrees from Western Michigan University and Wayne State University, as well as a Doctor of Ministry Degree from New York Theological Seminary, where his focus of study was Conflict Transformation. His doctoral work focused on the systemic influence of patriarchy in society, and its tendency to oppress and perpetrate violence towards women. Based on his dissertation, Spencer published his first book, Conspiracy of Silence: The Religious and Patriarchal Roots of Violence Towards Women.

His years of experience working with boys and men, as well as his own journey to free himself from the prison of toxic masculinity, drives his passion to lead men to a deeper understanding of themselves – an understanding that is characterized by their commitment to gender justice and a reverence for the feminine aspect of creation.