“Journeying together beyond belief…”

We use programs created to meet the developmental needs of children and youth at the various stages of cognitive, social, physical, moral and faith development. For a deeper look at the thinking behind our process, you may be interested in checking out Nurturing Children and Youth: A Developmental Guidebook (Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association, 2005), where Tracey L. Hurd discusses developmental characteristics of school-age children.

Here is what Religious Exploration Teams will be exploring together this year…

Nursery, Toddlers
(Newborn—3 year olds)

I am seen. I am safe. Church is a family. I am loved.

(3 to 5 year olds) Stories for Peace and Friendship

I am seen. I am safe. Church is a family. I am loved.

Early Elementary
(Kindergarten-Grade 1) Creating Home and (Grades 2-3) Faithful Journeys

Church is a place where we can ask questions about the world and about life. I can explore along with others to discover answers. Church is a family. I am loved.

Upper Elementary
(Grades 4-5) Harry and UU

Being UU matters. Principles guide us. Our Sources inform us. I can search for what is meaningful for me. I am part of something bigger than myself. I make a difference. I am loved.

Junior Youth and ‘Coming of Age’
(Grades 6-7) D’Oh God and (Grades 8-9) Coming of Age

All forms of religious expression have value. I continue to search for what is meaningful for me. I am just right as I am. I can think about and articulate what I believe right now (though it will continue to develop throughout my life). Our Church Community will celebrate my Faith with me. I am loved.

Senior Youth
(Grades 10-12) Small Group Ministry

Being UU means being in authentic Community. How we live in the world and how we treat one another matters. I have a lot to give to our Community, our Faith and to the world. I am needed. I am loved.