What is a Legacy Fund?

You can think of it as a permanent savings account. Only some portion of the annual interest from the fund can be used so that it continues to grow. The principle is not touched except under guidelines established by the Board of Trustees. Some organizations call it an endowment fund.

What is the purpose of the Legacy Fund?

Over time the interest that comes from this kind of endowment can support the stability of a church in good and difficult financial times and help it grow and continue to serve its congregation and the community. It can also support grants or scholarships approved by the Board of Trustees.

Why Contribute?

Contributing to the UUMAN Legacy Fund gives you the opportunity to make sure the support and benefits you’ve received are continued and enhanced for those that follow you. It is also a way to leave a personal legacy for future generations that reflects your ideals and values at UUMAN and in the world.

What types of Gifts are accepted?

There is a way of giving that fits every purpose and we are ready to answer any questions you may have. UUMAN has established guidelines about gift acceptance and there are two basic ways of giving either through bequest
(upon a donor’s death through legal estate documents) or a living gift (made during the lifetime of the donor) Link to Gift Acceptance Policies