Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North
11420 Crabapple Road, Roswell, GA 30075
Telephone: 770-992-3949
Email: office@uuman.org

Administrative office hours: Tuesdays through Thursdays, 9am – 3pm.

Board of Trustees
President Miriam Patanian president@uuman.org
Vice President Mike Chambers vice-president@uuman.org
Secretary Elizabeth Norris secretary@uuman.org
Treasurer Jennifer Phillippi treasurer@uuman.org
Past President Jennifer Ratcliffe past-president@uuman.org
Special Projects Carla Kapeskas special-projects@uuman.org
All Trustees, in addition to board member Rev. Dave Dunn board@uuman.org
More Contacts
Adult Education Rollin Mathis adultenrichment@uuman.org
Architecture and Landscape Design Team Annette Pate aldt@uuman.org
Calendar Suzy Lamoree calendar@uuman.org
Care Circles Ann Bender carecircles@uuman.org
Childcare childcare@uuman.org
Circle of Women Merilee Hufnagel circleofwomen@uuman.org
Coffee House Phillip Seaver coffeehouse@uuman.org
Committee on Shared Ministry Bev Jordan cosm@uuman.org
Communications Phillip Seaver communications@uuman.org
Crabapple Road Clean-up Bruce Langston crabappleroadcleanup@uuman.org
Daytimers Group Dan Ben-David daytimers@uuman.org
Denominational Affairs Ann Creech denominationalaffairs@uuman.org
Earth Ministry John Burkhardt earthministry@uuman.org
Endowment Stephen Shanahan endowment@uuman.org
Facility Rental Inquiries Office rentals@uuman.org
Family Promise Mike Chambers and Donna Guile familypromise@uuman.org
Finance Committee Tanya Romine finance@uuman.org
Gardening gardening@uuman.org
Healthy Congregation Bruce Langston healthycongregation@uuman.org
Hospitality hospitality-committee@uuman.org
Information and General Contact Suzy Lamoree uuman@uuman.org
Library Committee Linda Etheridge library@uuman.org
Life Events Gifting Program Carolyn Lee gifting@uuman.org
Lunch Ministry lunchministry@uuman.org
Membership Chair Laura Keck membership-chair@uuman.org
Membership Committee membership@uuman.org
Minister Dave Dunn minister@uuman.org
Mountain Representative mountain@uuman.org
Music Director Alex Pietsch musicdirector@uuman.org
Music Librarian music@uuman.org
Newsletter Becky Norris newsletter@uuman.org
NFCC social-justice-chair@uuman.org
Office Administrator Suzy Lamoree office@uuman.org
Operations Susan Wilson & Mike Liebergesell operations@uuman.org
Order of Worship Suzy Lamoree oow@uuman.org
Outreach outreach@uuman.org
Outreach Chair connection@uuman.org
Personnel Miriam Patanian personnel@uuman.org
Program Council Amanda Bralley PC@uuman.org
Religious Exploration-Children/Youth dre@uuman.org
Safety & Security Randy Blasch safetyandsecurity@uuman.org
Social Justice & Action Committee Carla Kapeskas social-justice-chair@uuman.org
Stewardship Randy Blasch stewardship@uuman.org
Sunday Discussion Group Pat Shea sundayamdiscussion@uuman.org
Under the Harvest Moon Auction Committee uthm@uuman.org
Web Master/eGroups Phillip Seaver webmaster@uuman.org
Welcoming Congregation Mallory Cundiff welcoming@uuman.org
Worship Chair Shelley Nagrani worship-chair@uuman.org
Worship Committee worship@uuman.org


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