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We Need Not Think Alike to Love Alike

“We need not think alike to love alike” is a quotation often attributed to sixteenth century Transylvanian Unitarian minister Francis David. He is arguably the first Unitarian minister and this quotation is only arguably his. Some religious scholars believe that this quotation was erroneously attributed … read more.

2022 Fall 2nd Hour Adult Religious Exploration Offerings

Here are the offerings for the Fall 2022:

Feel free to “drop-in” to any class at any time. Some classes offer the option of registration/signup simply to help the facilitators communicate with attendees in advance and plan programming.

Registration/Signup can be found on the Adult Religious Exploration … read more.

A Note of Gratitude

I write this article as I complete my sixth year of ministry here at UUMAN. It has been a rich experience for me; and I am grateful that I had the courage to pivot from my earlier profession, a profession that I generally enjoyed, towards … read more.

2022 Thirty Days of Love – Days 28 – 30

Thirty Days of Love – Day 28

American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) developed what came to be knows as Pragmatic philosophy. The Pragmatic Convergence Theory of Truth states “that a belief is true which the community of inquirers will converge upon over the long run.” … read more.

2022 Thirty Days of Love – Days 25 – 27

Thirty Days of Love – Day 25

“Life doesn’t make any sense.”

These are the words spoken by one of the professors at my seminary during an interview at a UUA General Assembly a few years ago.  The words struck me. I was taken aback. Yes! Life … read more.

2022 Thirty Days of Love – Days 22-24

Thirty Days of Love – Day 22

The 18th century Enlightenment “invented” the idea of progress and brought us into the age of modernity.  Friedrich Nietzsche thought that “modernity is the most life-denying and self-alienating approach to life possible (Great Courses, The Modern Intellectual Tradition, Lecture … read more.

2022 Thirty Days of Love – Days 19 – 21

Thirty Days of Love – Day 19

All cultures and religions seem to have a particular creation story. Hinduism’s “Hymn of Creation” is taken from the Rig Veda, one of Hinduism’s holiest texts. It is a beautiful piece that refers to a possibly not omniscient “One.”

Some … read more.

2022 Thirty Days of Love – Days 16 – 18

Thirty Days of Love – Day 16

In the gospel story of Mary and Martha, Jesus admonishes the ever-working, ever-busy Martha after she complains that Mary isn’t doing anything other than listening to him. Jesus responds to Martha saying, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted … read more.

2022 Thirty Days of Love – Days 13 – 15

Thirty Days of Love – Day 13

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting a patient in a hospice facility. I’ve never met this patient or their family. Apparently, the patient is a Unitarian Universalist who was moved here from out of state by caring family members.

As a seminarian, … read more.