A Call To Faith In Turbulent Times

“A Call To Faith In Turbulent Times” is a four-session small group that will be facilitated by Sheila Smith and others.  We will meet on four Wednesday evenings, beginning June 7, from 7 pm to 9 pm, in Discovery Hall.

Each session offers a different lens for a group to examine together the call of our faith and our moral and ethical commitments at this extraordinary moment.

Session One: Call to Vision
Session Two: Call to Love
Session Three: Call to Imagination
Session Four: Call to Relationship in Action

Here is a description from the UUA website:

Many Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith feel challenged by this moment in our nation’s history. The actions of political leaders are raising large moral questions. Many of us feel compelled to explore what our faith commitments and values require of us. Information is coming from every direction. We have learned that it is crucial to stay informed, yet not all sources are reliable. Others ask us to contact legislators, attend meetings, join in protests, engage in political conversations with friends and acquaintances, and take public action, sometimes for the first time ever. Many turn to our congregations and faith communities for help to clarify how our values call us to respond and to strengthen us to act.



Looking forward to seeing you there!

Contact person – Sheila K. Smith, PiercingThruTheVeil@yahoo.com