We ask that each member of UUMAN pledge generously within your means. In making this decision, we invite you to reflect upon UUMAN’s role in your life, our vision of what we can accomplish together, and your own financial situation. It’s up to you to determine a pledge amount that is generous for you. The Unitarian Universalist Association has developed a Suggested Fair-Share Giving Guide that you may find helpful in discerning your pledge.

If you need a reminder about your current pledge level or need help signing up for electronic payments, please email the UUMAN Treasurer.

Forms of Payment

  • Electronic: To make a secure (one-time or recurring) e-payment using a Credit/Debit Card, visit our donate page
  • Cash: please place in an envelope with your name written on it.
  • Checks: can be put in the offering plate or mailed to the UUMAN Office.

Please print out the pledge form and submit to the UUMAN Treasurer.