Remember that Mission Statement thingy we did?

Not really? Well, me either, at least not word for word. Participating in UUMAN’s mission-statement-writing workshops, getting everyone involved was fun and a community-building experience and all (We love our community-building, don’t we?). We’re good, we think, at building community within our walls, but how about beyond our walls? How about truth and justice out there? Do you think we’re really gonna do all that hopey-changey, save-the-world stuff? Read the full testimonial.

Here at  UUMAN I Started to Grow

My name is Annette I am a member of UUMAN, a professional painter, a  sometimes writer of poetry, and also an Addiction Counselor. About 23 years ago my ten year old son said to me “Mom, don’t you think it’s about time we went to church.”  I didn’t know where that came from, but being a concerned parent, I could not ignore it. Read the full testimonial.