Join us on our journey …
The Unitarian Universalist Metro Atlanta North (UUMAN) congregation has adopted these statements of mission and vision based on our shared values:

UUMAN’s Mission

  • Nurture our Spirit
  • Strive for Justice
  • Transform the World

UUMAN’s Vision

  • UUMAN’s vision is to be a vital and visible community for all, bravely working toward the day when social, economic, and environmental justice is a reality.

UUMAN’s Covenant

  • Embracing wonder and awe, I feel part of something larger than myself and strive to act selflessly on behalf of all living things.
  • To deepen my connections, I assume best intentions, offer support, and create opportunities for fun that bond and energize the community.
  • With love, I commit to speak my truth, listen to the truth of others, and ask for and offer understanding and forgiveness.
  • With courage, respect, and a willingness to grow, we move from Me to We, knowing that, together, we can face challenges with integrity and purpose.
  • Recognizing that our individual differences make us collectively stronger, we partner beyond our walls to build a just society.
  • We make this covenant with each other…so that, together, we can transform our world.

Our community is actively living in this mission, through activities and programs that support this statement and our Unitarian Universalist Principles. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we learn and grow and intensify our service to the greater community to make our vision a reality.