Opening Back Up at UUMAN

Although we’re not out of the woods yet, the Covid pandemic seems to be subsiding…for the time being. We should be prepared for possible resurgences due to many no longer wearing masks or no longer observing social distancing. We also aren’t absolutely certain about the effectiveness of the vaccines against the many variants or about how long the vaccines will protect us. We seem to be learning more each and every day however.

Deprived of meeting in person since March of 2020, many of us are eager to return, open up, meet face to face, sing, dance, celebrate….ANYTHING! (“Can we come and dust inside Discovery Hall?” ? )

Although I would hazard to guess the most adult members of UUMAN have had both shots and almost all have had at least one, there are segments of our population, our youngest members, who are still unprotected.

UUMAN’s Board established a team to assess the situation as it unfolds (based on public health data and science) and that team has posted our full safety guidelines on the front page of our website. (A one-page summary is also posted.) Thise guidelines outline what can be done inside and outside regarding UUMAN activities. As the situation on the ground continues to evolve day by day, hour by hour, it has been a daunting task for this team to keep up with the nuance and changes. They are doing their very best in an effort to keep us ALL safe.

Although some might feel safe to return, meet indoors without masks or distancing (or whatever), I would ask that you respect the hard work that our all-volunteer team has done on our (& your) behalf.

Although Unitarian Universalists have a strong strain of individualism, we practice this in covenant with one another. How we return safely shouldn’t be about how safe we feel individually but about how safe we feel in covenant. From a health perspective and from the perspective of covenant, a trusted advisor put it best, “this is public health, not individual risk.”

Let us open back up at the speed of trust – at the speed of covenant.

Nurture our spirit. Strive for Justice. Transform the world.