Values, Covenant, Mission, Vision, Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Long Range Planning

Yes…it’s a mouthful!!! It can cause your eyes to glaze over!!! ?

On December 8 and January 9 we kicked off our visioning process which engaged over 70 UUMAN members. (That’s a wonderful turnout!) These sessions initiated discussions on our values and covenant. There is more to come however. This is only the beginning.

Here’s the bigger picture:

Building the Congregation’s Foundation

  • Core Values (What is at our core? Why are we here?)
  • Covenant (How will we bring those values into the world through our relationships with one another?)
  • Mission (What are we here to do? What is our work? Do our work and mission reflect our values?)
  • Vision (What do we want to be…inside our walls and outside our walls? What would our community and congregation look like if we successfully lived our values and mission? )
  • Strategic Planning (As a congregation, how will we get there? As a congregation, how can we realize this vision? )
  • Goal Setting (What do we do next? In our day-to-day work (e.g. committees, Program Council, etc.), what must we do to implement our strategic plan and begin to fulfill our vision?
  • Long Range Planning (If/Then….How can we work through the obstacles that will no doubt arise? How can we continue to re-engage the congregation in tweaking all of the above in the years ahead?)

We will be following a specific process to work through all of this. The UUA Southern Region will continue to consult with us as we move forward.

This is an imperfect process…yet all processes are imperfect. Not everyone will like or connects with this process…yet we could have chosen other processes – processes that others would no doubt dislike or not be able to connect with. Such is the state of things. Such is the yin and yang of things.

Regardless of the process, it will be led and facilitated by imperfect people (volunteers) who love UUMAN and want the best for UUMAN. It will be led and facilitated by imperfect people who will be doing their very best. Regardless of the process, we hope to listen to the voices of the congregation and we hope that you will listen to each other all along the way.


Let us all take a breath and begin to move forward together.


Take care,